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Real Estate Agent CRM

Increase your lead conversion and work more efficiently.

real estate crm screenshot

Sales is a numbers game. The more people you can reach and keep your name in front of, the more sales you will make. With an easy to use real estate CRM built-in to your iHomefinder IDX account you will be able to work more efficiently, maximize your reach and convert more visitors into leads.

Easy Lead Management

Quickly identify visitors that need to be contacted and set up automated content to keep them coming back to your website.

Nurture Your Relationships

Stay connected with your leads and spend time on the right ones by tracking what they are looking at, contact activity, call notes, and more.

Email Drip Campaigns

With Marketing Automation, ready-to-use email campaigns automatically follow-up with listing recommendations and market insights based on your leads' search activity. Learn more

Engage Leads with Market Data

Keeps prospects and past clients engaged so they remember you with MarketBoost. Market reports are updated on your website automatically and emailed to prospects and past clients to keep you at the top of their mind. Learn more

Real Estate App

Respond quickly to your real estate leads wherever you are with Optima Leads. See what's catching your leads' interest and easily view, add, & update your notes. Learn more

Property Search Insights

Understand client needs and view real-time IDX activity, including viewed listings, price ranges and locations.

Follow-up Reminders

Create tasks so you know who to follow up with next. View your ToDo list to see what is due today and what is coming up.

Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

Identify where your leads are coming from to make informed decisions with your marketing spend.

Lead Aggregation

Never miss a lead again! Manage all your leads in one place with lead aggregation from 30+ sources including Zillow, Trulia, and more.

Smart Content

Enhance your campaigns with personalized and engaging smart content. Listings and Market Stats will automatically be sent to suscribers based on their search history.

Get Started with an Agent CRM

Contact us to learn more about managing leads with an easy to use Real Estate Agent CRM.